Thursday, 15 December 2016

Pourpose of Life

What is life? Why are we born? And why do we die?

Still trying to understand the basic concept but came to know something.

You are alive, everyone can see that but when someone personally starts realising from the core of their heart then only their life starts. Only then a person can say he is alive.

Meaning is that our whole life revolves around understanding our-self.

Now, what happens when we have passed our exams, we can easily go to next class.Similar is the case with our life. Each time when we are born, we are assigned a role depending on the certain situation either we have passed or failed in our previous class.

We can go to the higher level when we have learned a lesson, the purpose. We have to attain consciousness based on introspection. Once your work is completed and the purpose of that life is fulfilled, then you are enlightened one.

Now you are ready for your next life. This is a loop. Each time you are in a new life, in a different form and a new purpose also. Finding it, gaining consciousness is your main aim. Crack it and you are at next level.

Loop continues until your final chapter.

And everyone knows the basic concept of failing, we are sending back to worse conditions to understand why we failed as our roles.

When the final chapter is finished, might be someone can become Godfather.

So, what is your purpose?

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