Saturday, 27 August 2016

Every Action has a Reason

Every Action has its own Reason

As we know that Every Action has a Reaction.
Of course, it is true in both the field i.e that is in the science (Newton's Law) and real World.
But as I also feel that every Action has it's own reason.
As we feeling that
How ?? this action is happening.
What was the reason ??
But action has its reason whether we are interested in the reason or not it depends on you.

Supposedly, if a thief wants to steal something. He might be doing it for his well being or his family or someone. According to him, that is the only way to fulfil his desires even though it is in a wrong way. And surely knows the consequences of being caught but he still does it. He does have a reason for it. He does take his chances.

So, first find the reason then come to the conclusion. 
it is just my philosophy.

If you think that it is true or false please write your comment.

I am waiting for your comment...

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